We Did It !


Linked Across the Curiculum & Utilized by Grades PreK to Grade 2

  • The EJ Garden can be found woven into EVERY subject 

Planted & Cared for by Little Hands

  • PreK - Grade 2 plant throughout the school year. 
  • Our Summer Crew is made of School Family Volunteers.   

Schoolwide Garden Taste Tests

  • Each garden tasting is accompanied by a parent and student survey.  We value input from our "consumers," with suggestions being incorporated into program changes.

Food Bank Donations

  • Certified Naturally Grown produce can be found at our local food pantry. (Mother Nature willing) 

Rain & Pollinator Gardens

  • Our young environmental stewards, learn to value pollinators. The Rain Gardens are easily accessed via a sidewalk.
  • Pollinator gardens are located around the edible portion of our schoolyard garden.                                

Top Tomato

Our state's  tomatoes are nationally recognized as being among the best in the world.  To pay homage to the great work being done in our state and to promote  local agriculture, the New Jersey Department of Agriculture honors those who have excelled in providing Jersey Fresh produce to school children  in our state. They are the Top Tomatoes in the Jersey Fresh Farm to  School Program!